Class Responses

Here are some ideas for getting students to respond as individuals, pairs, groups, or as a whole class so as to assess their knowledge and learning. Asking students to raise their hands and calling on the first or so hand up or listening to the first blurt-out leaves behind the quieter and less confident students as well as those who need some time to think and process.

  • Good ol’ think-pair-share, then call on a few pairs to share
  • Write responses on individual white boards or pieces of paper as individuals or pairs that students can hold up and show to the teacher. For example, students have a certain amount of time to write an answer. When you ring a bell or say “go,” all students raise their boards or papers so it’s not a race to finish first.
  • Students write short responses/ideas on the front white board – used more to collect variety of ideas instead of a single right answer (whiteboards for sale here)
  • Exit slips at the end of class
  • Students write answers/ideas in notebooks and then some volunteers share after everyone has had time to think and write something. Or call on specific individuals without asking for volunteers.
  • Establish rules to how students should answer by not blurting out by saying “raise your hand and tell me…”
  • Group answering by asking one-answer questions and the class chants the answers back
  • Write students’ names on Popsicle sticks to choose students at random to answer questions. (Can also be used to put students into random pairs or groups while giving you the opportunity to chose another stick if some students shouldn’t be in a group together.)
  • Chose students at random with Excel. List students’ names in column A. Under the last name in column A, paste this: =INDEX($A$1:$A$34,ROUND(34*RAND()+1,0)) where 34 is the number of students. Copy and paste it as many times as necessary. Allows of repeats. (Thanks Gary Rubinstein for the tips)

More to come…

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