Uglies Series – Scott Westerfeld

Reading level:
Uglies: 5.6
Pretties: 5.4
Specials: 5.6
Extras: 4.5

Series: Uglies

Genre: Dystopian, adventure, sci-fi

ELL-Friendly: Basically yes, but some jargon/made-up words are used throughout

Library recommendation: Middle to high school

So, SO good. All of them. Westerfeld reflects BRILLIANTLY on our current society in such a creativuglies-series_orig-coverse way. You’ll find yourself thinking about society’s influence on you and others while entranced in the action and love (not like soppy, teenage love, either) of the characters. What I particularly loved was the critical thinking you find yourself doing without realizing it, which lends itself to class or small group discussions.

Following Tally through this series was fascinating because she changed and developed so realistically. Sometimes I hated her for her choices but loved her for being strong. The downside is that, because the main character is a girl, I think this series would appeal exclusively to girls. I mean, just look at the covers. Girls. Girls everywhere.

With prompting, I think that boys would enjoy the series if they would just give it a chance. Because really, these books are about each and every one of us because we are all influenced by fashion, advertisements, technology, and society in general. It influences our thoughts, looks, and actions every single day.

These books in their entirety or in pieces could be used alongside a unit in media literacy, advertisements, etc.

The good news is that Westerfeld has written a ton of books, at least one of which (So Yesterday, which I am reading) is told from the viewpoint of a boy. More on Westfeld’s other books as I read them.


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