One of Us – Anne Schraff

one of us

Reading level: 4.5

Series: Urban Underground #5

Genre: Realistic fiction

ELL-Friendly: Yes

Library recommendation: Middle school (because of the low reading level) to high school (because of content)

I read this book over a year ago, so I don’t remember much.

I love that this book is focused on real-world issues of urban youth. The situations are life-like, characters believable, and the dialogue realistic – all something that urban youth (boys, especially) would relate to and enjoy reading…and I’m all about getting boys to enjoy reading.

The reading level is very low, which will be useful to students who struggle with reading. The plot is fast and pretty intense, if I remember correctly. It’s also got a lot of internal struggle as the main character Derrick tries to make sense of what’s happening.

What I didn’t like was that Derrick ends up telling his family what happens and they make everything all better. The end. That’s not what I was looking for. I mean, so many families are dysfunctional and divorced, and every time I read a book where the family is perfect, I get worried. Nobody’s family is like that. But the too-perfect family was the only part I didn’t really like. But that could also be me misremembering.

All in all, good. I should look into more Urban Underground books.


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