The Hobbit – J.R.R. Tolkien

HobbitReading level: 6

Series: Book 0.5 of The Lord of the Rings series

Genre: Fantasy, adventure

ELL-Friendly: No

Library recommendation: Middle or high school, although middle schoolers may be more likely to lose interest in the slower parts

I’m finally getting around to reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy, beginning with The Hobbit. It was much less dark than I had expected, although I’m only basing my thoughts on the movies. It was also far less confusing (I get confused while watching the movies), so I was pleasantly surprised.

I can’t stop reading books from a teacher’s point of view, which is both a blessing and a curse, I suppose. I liked Tolkien’s whimsical writing style, but I did encounter many sentences and words that confused me. Younger students would probably be confused as well. Also, Tolkien uses sentence structure and punctuation in ways I was taught (and will teach) to not use. But it is an engaging (if more sophisticated) adventure story, so on the classroom bookshelf it goes!

Let’s be real – everyone knows the dragon is killed at the end. But how he was killed I found a huge letdown. Much less exciting than I had hoped. Then everything was sort of not as interesting thereafter. But most of the book was fast-paced enough to keep my interest.

My last critique is WHERE ARE THE WOMEN? An elven lady may have appeared near the beginning, but that’s it. No women. Maybe that’s what happens when old men write books…


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  1. Stephanie Allen
    Feb 06, 2013 @ 02:13:24

    They actually invented characters for the next couple movies just so there would be more women. And when you read the trilogy, you’ll notice some of that, too.


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