A Bullying Video

Here is a link to a video called “To This Day” that a man made about being bullied and others who were bullied too. If the link doesn’t work, google something like “Shane Koyczan bullying.”It’s 7 minutes long, not counting the credits.

It’s beautiful and powerful. I can imaging showing it to my class, whether or not I’m aware of any bullying problem. The video can hit home for kids who are bullied and those who do the bullying. I don’t remember having any lessons or assemblies about being bullied when I was in school, but something as powerful as this video could have helped a lot of kids.

I suppose the video could be tied into a unit with a book where a character is bullied, and then students could discuss. Not that the video couldn’t be its own lesson. I’m just thinking “standards standards standards.” Maybe it would work well to show the video on one of the days during the first week of class to set the tone about how we treat each other and how what we say and do has lasting impacts on everyone. (<– that’s me thinking aloud.)

The only issue I see is that it’s fast-paced and students who doesn’t speak English as a first language or students who just need some extra time to internalize what’s being heard and seen might struggle. Like I said, it’s only 7 minutes, and students might watch the video several times. The words are from a poem, and the words can be found online without much trouble, so it might help students to have the words in front of them. Hearing the passion in his voice is so, so, powerful; therefore, I don’t recommend using the words alone without having seen the video.

Oh, and Shane Koyczan has a blog for his poetry: http://koyczanpoetry.tumblr.com/


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