Magazine Pictures for Higher Order Thinking

Rather than asking students to memorize and recite definitions of vocabulary and other concepts, give each student a magazine such as National Geographic. Ask students to look through the magazines and find a picture or two that represents the word or concept being studied. Then rip out the picture that best describes that word.

If students work in groups, ask them to find a picture or two independently and then justify their choice to the rest of the group. The group then picks one picture to rip out. Then each picture it taped to the board or a large piece of paper that is clearly labeled with the word or concept being defined by the pictures.

Rather than just memorizing, students are analyzing, discussing, and evaluating while learning the content.

There are several ways to assess each student: exit slips, entrance slips the next day, asking each student to verbally explain their choice, free-write about their picture, etc. The point is that an assessment is needed because there is no way to know for sure if every student understood the concept/word in-depth or if he/she just played along and found a picture that fit with the others.

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