Seating with Groups in Mind

The initial idea of using playing cards and the compass is not my original idea.

If students are seated at tables or in small groups of desks, tape a playing card or a colored dot (the ones used at garage sales) where each student sits. That way each student in the group has a different card or color. When the time comes to get students into groups, it will be much easier. For example, all spades or all blues will be a group, or each blue has to find another blue and work in twos. No counting off, no drawing popsicle sticks, and less confusion.

Rather than using cards (or in addition to?), the teacher may tape a compass onto each table (if students are sitting at tables and not desks) so that each student is assigned a direction, which will help their geography skills. It will serve the same point as taping a card to each desk or corner of a table.


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