Student Jobs

Here are some ideas about student jobs and giving students more responsibility. This works best for groups of 4 students to a table or 4 desks pushed together.

  • Each student gets one of these jobs:
    • Collector (collects papers to be turned in)
    • Cleaner (tidies up the area)
    • Passer Outer (passes out papers to group) (I need a better name for this)
    • Leader (makes sure everybody does their job)
    • Other?
  • If a student is absent:
    • The leader decides who does the missing student’s job or
    • if using cards, “reds” will cover for other “reds” and the same for “blacks” or
    •  if using the compass, North and South will cover for each other, as will East and West.

The idea is to have students do lots of little jobs so that the teacher doesn’t have to waste lots of time. Student jobs will essentially help the classroom run more smoothly and efficiently.

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