Idea Generation Matrix

My mentor teacher used this idea generation matrix to help students, well, generate ideas for preparing to write a narrative, either fictional or non.

First, make a list of your interests, activities, and experiences.

Next, pick 2 or more that are the most interesting to you or hold the most memories. Stick those ideas into the second chart and list the people, places, and moments associated with each interest, activity, or experience.

Idea Generation Matrix


Interests Activities Experiences
Reading Performing with wind symphony Getting married
Music Writing in my blog Student teaching
Movies Running Substitute teaching



  People Places Moments
Getting married My parents, in-laws, brother, brother’s friend My parents’ home, San Juan Island The wedding banner, camping in 100 degree weather
Performing with my band Dr. B, clarinet friends, boyfriend (now husband) University, Yakima, Bellevue Playing solo in Holst’s Suite in Eb, playing principal on “Pictures”



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