Items in My Classroom

Let me rephrase: Items in My (Non-Existent) Classroom That I Wish to Have One Day When I Have a Classroom of My Own. But that title was too long.

  • student center (i.e. table or cabinet) with supplies such as paper, pencil sharpener, colored pencils, glue, scissors
  • bin or tub at tables to hold pencils and possibly other often-needed supplies
  • missing work bulletin board
  • lost and found bin
  • word wall
  • lamps
  • plants
  • book check-out and return
  • numbers hanging from the ceiling above each table (because students pick off tape holding down any paper numbers taped on desks)
  • consequence/behavior slips that look something like this:
    • step 1: conference with students
    • step 2: re-teach behavior
    • step 3: call home
  • parent contact sheet
  • file cabinet for student portfolios
  • file cabinet for evaluation evidence
  • file cabinet for copies of worksheets, examples, and assessments organized by subject and then unit
    • I’m also toying with the idea of putting these papers into individual binders with clear sleeves, but binders take up a lot of room and cost more money than simple manilla folders
  • bin with worksheets from each day for students who were absent or need an extra copy of an assignment
  • reading corner with bookshelves, lamps, and beanbag chairs
  • a poster with my contact information: skype username and e-mail
  • a poster with the classroom blog information
  • quotes
  • posters (many of authors)
  • a “where we’re from” map
  • bean bag chair(s) for quiet reading corner

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