Classroom Reading Challenges

Reading challenges are great ways to motivate people to read, kids and adults alike. I came up with an idea to make reading challenges a part of the classroom all year round by having a new challenge each month.

Challenges may include:

  • read a book with a dorky cover
  • read a “girl book” if you’re a guy; read a “guy book” if you’re a girl
  • read a genre outside your comfort zone
  • read more pages than you ever have before
  • read a book about a different culture
  • finish a series you’ve started
  • read a book where the main character is gay/Native American/African American/not American
  • read a scary/horror book (good for October)
  • read a biography
  • make up your own reading challenge (which students can do any month)

Participation in challenges are voluntary. Those who participate write up some kind of report/make a poster/something fun. If the product is of high quality, each participant is rewarded with something small. Rewards might include:

  • lunch with the teacher (that’s still a cool thing, right?)
  • book mark
  • money for classroom economy
  • gift cards of small amounts
  • school supplies bundle (baggie with pencil, eraser, sharpener…)
  • coupon to sit in the reading lounge of the classroom

Goodness, all of these are great for middle school but not high school. We all know what grades I’m meant to teach…

In addition to those rewards, each student who participates can put their name in a jar for a raffle/lottery. The student who’s chosen gets the grand prize. That prize may include:

  • gift card to a book store
  • a book of the teacher’s choice
  • a book of the student’s choice

Students who have won the grand prize are not eligible to win again but can participate each month and get the smaller prizes.


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