Cousins by Virginia Hamilton

cousinsReading level: 5.5
Lexile: 550
Genre: Realistic fiction
ELL-Friendly: No
Library recommendation: Middle school

Goodreads summary:

Cammy loves her family – except for her cousin Patty Ann. Though she knows she shouldn’t feel this way, she can’t help it. Patty Ann is too perfect to like, too perfect to be a friend.

If the summary is any indication about the simplicity of Cousins, you’ll understand why I gave up half way through this book. I thought it was boring and overly simplistic as it is told through the narration of a young girl. What kept me reading all the way to page 70 was that I had a student in mind who I thought might like this story, so I tried to like it, too.  I’ll keep the book, but I doubt many students will pick it up.

The story is simplistic, yes, but it also has bigger issues such as aging and death, love and friendship, teenage alcoholism, and eating disorders. The latter two are only toughed upon in the first half, and I doubt they are discussed in much depth later on.

I would recommend this story to students who need simple stories and don’t necessarily need a plot to be interested. Those students are few and far between, but, like I said, I had a student in mind while I read Cousins. It’s not particularly ELL-friendly due to sentence fragments, colloquialisms, and some Ebonics.


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