Behavior Management Strategy for 7th Grade

Here are my pre-school thoughts on the behavior management system I wish to implement with my 7th graders. It’s a mix of an idea I got from a veteran teacher and the program used at a summer camp I worked at. I want to post these expectations so that the process is clear with the understanding that I can change it up as I see fit.

1. verbal warning

2. name on board

3. yellow card (like in soccer)

-a yellow card means the student has until the end of the class period (preferably about 3 minutes) fill out a small form detailing what happened and what the student will do better next time. If the student refuses to fill it out or does not finish, I will write MY side of the story, which I’m sure students don’t want. These yellow cards will be kept in a file with other cards for that class period. Students might receive an automatic yellow card without warning if the behavior warrants.

4. red card

-a student would receive a red card for getting more than 1 yellow card in a period or more than 3 yellow cards per week. It’s for repeat-offenders or when behavior warrants. Like a yellow card, a student fills out the red card detailing what happened and agrees to have a conference with the teacher on his or her own time (before/after school, during break) or parents are called.

5. blue card (maybe I’ll make it grey depending on the colors I find in the copy room)

-A blue card is a form that the teacher fills out detailing what happened. Parents and/or administrators are contacted. It’s a last resort.

I like this system because the progression is clear, and students are given chances but are forced to think about their actions so they don’t get off without a consequence. Of course, parents can be called at any of these stages. I also like this system because the teacher doesn’t even have to stop talking or teaching. I can just give the student a card and they’ll know what it means. If they don’t fill it out, they’ll know that I will write my version. Let’s see how it works…

A logistical thing: to keep track of who I gave yellow/red cards to (especially when they’re not turned in by the end of the class period), I will put a colored check (yellow, red, blue) next to the names since they should already be written on the board by that point.




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