Teacher Book Index


Seven Strategies of Assessment for Learning by Jan Chappuis

The Essential 55 by Ron Clark

Fires in the Middle School Bathroom: Advice for Teachers from Middle Schoolers by Kathleen Cushman and Laura Rogers


Closing the Poverty and Culture Gap: Strategies to Reach Every Student by  Sandra K. Darling and Donna Walker Tileston

Other People’s Children: Cultural Conflict in the Classroom by Lisa Delpit

‘Hanging in with Kids’ in Tough Times: Engagement in Contexts of Educational Disadvantage in the Relational School by Barry Down, Peter McInerney, and John Smyth

Poverty is NOT a Learning Disability: Equalizing Opportunities for Low SES Students by Sandy Grogan Dresser, Dennis R. Dunklee, and Tish Howard


99 Ideas and Activities for Teaching English Language Learners Using the SIOP Model by MaryEllen Vogt and Jana Echevarria

Making Content Comprehensible for English Language Learners: The SIOP Model by Echevarria, Vogt, and Short

Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire by Rafe Esquith

There Are No Shortcuts by Rafe Esquith


Deeper Reading: Comprehending Challenging Texts, 4-12 by Kelly Gallagher

Readicide by Kelly Gallagher

Teach With Your Heart: Lessons I Learned from the Freedom Writers – a Memoir by Erin Gruwell

Teaching Hope: Stories from the Freedom Writer Teachers and Erin Gruwell by the Freedom Writer Teachers and Erin Gruwell


From Rage to Hope: Strategies for Reclaiming Black and Hispanic Students by Crystal Kuykendall


Instructional Strategies for Middle and High School by Bruce E. Larson and Timothy A. Keiper


A Repair Kit for Grading: 15 Fixes for Broken Grades by Ken O’Connor


Teaching Middle School Writers by Laura Robb


Meeting the Needs of Students and Families from Poverty: A Handbook for School and Mental Health Professionals by Tania N. Thomas-Presswood and Donald Presswood

Integrating Differentiated Instruction and Understanding by Design by Carol Ann Tomlinson and Jay McTighe

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