25 Websites for Educational Equity

Here is a link to an article from edchange.org written by Paul Groski in which he lists and explains 25 websites related to educational equity. If the link is broken, search for the author’s name and “I don’t want to live without them: Twenty-five web sites for educational equity.”

The author gives sufficient explanations about how to best use each resource he lists, so I don’t do the same here. The article was written in 2005, so some resources may be outdated, but it’s a good starting place.

Teaching for Change

for change

Teaching for Change┬áhas an archive of articles about stereotypes and culture that are appropriate for adult readers or high school students. There aren’t lesson plans that I can find, although the articles are well-researched and have good talking points for parents and teachers. Articles are available in English and Spanish.

I could see using some of these articles (what it means to be White or mixed race, what is culture, Arab stereotypes) in middle or high school classrooms with editing or just to give teachers some talking points or questions to ask during a lesson from another source. I could also see using these articles with parents whose children are biased towards students of other ethnicity or teachers who could use some professional development in stereotypes and tolerance.