Educational Grants and Resources

Edutopia has compiled “The Big List of Educational Grants and Services.” The link may or may not remain active as the page is updated, so try searching the title of the link if it doesn’t work.

Free Supplies!

Here’s the site for “student supply” but specifically for the sweepstakes. It’ll be outdated in no time, but maybe the sweepstakes happens every year. Regardless, “student supply” looks like a good site to buy classroom supplies online.

Here’s a link to the teacher section of the Brain Quest website. As I post this, there’s a place to enter a teacher awards contest that may not exist for much longer. (In the event of a broken link, search for “Brain Quest” and click on their “teacher” section.)

Scholastic rewards kids with good handwriting apparently! That’s good, because kids (and adults) have lousy handwriting. This link is to a page of the Scholastic website that’s for a handwriting contest. AND it has free resources for handwriting. I could see using these handwriting resources especially in ELL classrooms. They’ve got some good explanations about why having decent handwriting is important. I mean, if you can’t communicate well through writing, you’re sort of in trouble. But maybe not in this age of technology. Anyway, the resources are here. (If link is broken, search for “Zaner-Bloser Handwriting.”)

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) has a website (via the Young Writers Program) and free workbooks for all grades. Maybe a whole post on NaNoWriMo in my “English Resources” coming soon..? (Search for “NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program” if link is broken.)

Freecycle sounds like Craigslist but with free things. I’m thinking this site would be useful to find free YA books.