Standards and Data

So this is my life now – thinking and blogging about standards and data.

Here’s an idea about making sure you reach most (all?) standards and have evidence thereof: make a list of all standards (in a spreadsheet?) and write the summative assessments for each. Make sure grading is standards-based and then use the grades to collect data about who and how many have met which standards.


Late/Missing Work

The initial idea of using late/missing work forms is not my original idea.

When students are turning in large assignments, projects, reports, etc., they get a form to fill out if they don’t turn in their work. The form will ask why the students didn’t turn the work in: did they lose it? Have they not started? Is it started but not completed? Then the form will ask them to say if this is the first, second, third, etc., time they’ve filled it out. The first time this happens, students will meet with the teacher. The second time, they’ll meet with the teacher and call home. The third time they’ll meet with the teacher, parents, and also the principal or higher-up. The students will also answer what support they need in order to complete the assignment: more time, one-on-one time with the teacher, tutoring from a classmate, etc. The student will then complete a plan to finish a quality piece of work without getting an immediate zero as the grade.

The same idea can be applied to re-taking a test or quiz or re-doing a large project. The student will explain what extra help is needed, and the timeline they need to complete the project. That way, the students don’t just try to re-do the test without preparing.